Saturday, December 29, 2007

Nokia Beta Lab's Conversation


Conversation is a messaging application that allows you to follow your conversations, organized by individual contact. In addition, the application provides an easy way to reply to messages, and continue the conversations.

After installation, the application will appear in your device as an application shortcut, and as a new tab in your Contacts application.

Installation instructions
Your have to install two separate files in the order specified below. Also, we recommend that you use the latest software available for your device.

  1. Install Nokia Internet Services Support Package to the device memory (not to the memory card). Note! If you have Gizmo or Windows Live already installed, you don't need to install this support package.Download (SIS, 730 KB)
  2. Install the compatible version of Conversation application HeRe.
Have a great time with your conversations! ;)

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