Friday, December 14, 2007

Slow Performance on the N95-2

You may have the latest firmware V 11.0.026 01-11-07 RM-320 Nokia (16.01) but your phone still seems to be slow?? Don't worry 'cuz you're just one of many users who have had the similar problem - and it may just be a side effect of tha main reason why you bought the N95-2 the first place - namely the 8GB storage.

At the Nokia Forums, the debate seems to be goiing in full swing on this one,

patc Mobile Guru Says:

I *think* the Gallery scans the card when you open it .. at least, logic
says it must as it finds new files without having to be manually refreshed like
the music player.If it does, then having a larger card with more files would
mean the phone taking a bit longer to work its way through the list of

If any of you guys feel differently do let me know..

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