Monday, December 17, 2007

Ten pros and cons for the N95 - 1vs2

It' sleek and black. It's got 128Mb of RAM. The dual processors clocked at 320 Mhz take care of things no matter how hard they are shoved at them. Demand paging makes the new N95-2 a super zippy device and the 8GB of embedded memory sure is indeed a great deal of space. The screen is a lot larger than you'd think from the stats and it's stunningly bright not to mention how it has been brought ot be flush with the device. There's 25% more juice in the battery and a slew of other tasty features... but is there a price to pay?

Of course! You should know by now that not even Nokia can create the perfect device for every user (they purposefull do so!business tactics?) - so here's a list of ten pros and ten cons that I've come up with over the past month of exposure to this new variant of "the legendary", the Nokia N95 8GB aka N95-2.

CLick here to read the whole story written by PseudoFinn.

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