Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Coming soon..

Given over here are the most awaited phones among smartphone freaks as of now, and they include the sleek N81-like N96, the elegant E61, and Nokia’s WiMAX phone. The specs put up here may not be what actually does come out, but it will give you an idea of what to hope for. Assuming that they do come out.

1) Nokia N96

Nokia N96 is simply out of our imagination. This phone is specially designed with two keyboards.
The main features of the phone are
• It weighs only 115 grams
• It has 10 GB internal memory
• Has digital speakers
• Has 4 speakers
• 6 mega pixel camera with optic zoom
• Has 3.2 inch screen with 16 million colors
• Bluetooth, Wifi , infrared and USB 2.0
• FM Radio
• Phone is available in two colors
• Touch screen
• MP3 and MP4

2) The second upcoming mobile is E61

This phone is a great gadget for communicating through email. The features of Nokia E61 are as follows
• better Email with one touch
• You can view and edit email with quick office and acrobat reader
• Its connectivity speed is very high( 3G)
• You can take the advantage of voice features as VoIP calling and conference calling
• It has 2 mega pixel camera

Nokia’s WiMAX phone in 2008

Nokia had revealed that it will launch WiMAX in 2008. Till now only North America and Europe had wireless Technologies on 3G and 3.5G. In supporting Intel wireless standard Nokia will Motorola and Samsung. Nokia did not mention any details about this product. But this cell phone is going to be very stunning. The only information about this product is that it comes in two styles i.e. mobile and fixed locations. This cell phone is going to be eye catching and outstanding.


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