Friday, December 21, 2007

Nokia N96??!

Symbian Freak has got it's hands on a load of pics of the N96 that's been leaked into their inbox, but they don't seem to be too happy with the phone. One of the reasons touted being that it has a crappy LED flash - but there are 2 crappy LED flashes actually, so I think I wouldn't mind that ;) Anyways the handset does look cool in a N81 kinda way,.. Honestly I don't think it's good enough to be with the N9* series - it belongs with the N8*. Wonder who takes care of naming these sets over at Nokia..?

Another speciality of this set is that it runs on Series60 3rd Edition FP2 - now that's more than good enough reason to go for this phone I'm sure. I'll be posting a review about the FP2 OS this space for a link!
Read more about the N96 here.

Courtesy Symbian-freak.

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