Thursday, May 28, 2009

Could small mobile screens damage the eye ?

I've been using cell phones for suite some time now especially since I'm in the hostel and there's no other way for some entertainment. And recently and i had to get my eyes tested after they started watering bug time. I ended up with a prescription for presbyopia. I'm not cent percent sure, but i think the small nokia screens of the past did their part as well. Now i hate having to walk around with glasses, it makes me look nerdy - my face doesn't go along well with specs, not to mention the problems if i have a game of football. So i decided to get my self a pair of contact lenses. I googled it and came with a whole variety of them all kinds of builds, % water content, special technologies etc. I in no way want to risk my eyes so i decided to go for a reputable company and most of the content i read led me to Bausch & Lomb. They offer a product called PureVision lenses which are soft contact lenses made of balafilcon A, a silicone hydrogel material that contains 36% water. Now i know where all our frshwater is going to. This lens material provides oxygen to your eyes and is supposed to be surface treated to wet with your tears. My presbyopia recquires me to wear multifocal contact lenses. They provide a free trial pair of lenses so I've submitted the application form at their site. But i don't think I'll still be able to ignore my precious phone, small screen and all.

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Susan said...

It's a very interesting point you raised here about small mobile screens effecting people's eyesight.

However, it's a fact that EVERYONE will eventually become presbyopic. Presbyopia is a naturally occurring eye condition.

By the way, provides some really helpful information on changing vision and various possible solutions to presbyopia.

Take care,
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