Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The Lazy guys way to dismantle an N95 8GB

I'm lazy and this is how i dismantled my phone. And hence this is the Lazy guys way to dismantle the N95 8GB. Any questions ?

Removing the black Fascia:
To remove it, take out the battery and slide the screen up so the keypad is exposed. On the side that has the camera and volume buttons, just pry the case off from that edge. No tools are required and it should come off fairly easily. Don't slide it too much though, because there are some sticky spots on the inner lining case of the case and if they lose they're stickiness you'll end up with a creaky body.

Bisecting the Phone
Next remove the 4 silver screws with a T7 screwdriver and the phone should come in half, as shown below.

Gently remove the screen ribbon connecting the two halves together. May take a little bit of force. The number pad is lift able, revealing 2 black screws. Those can be removed with a T7 screwdriver as well.

If you want to remove the PCB board as well, it will be easier to remove the brown ribbon cable and lift the camera unit out, shown below.

Same parts again but turned over.

Now that you have dismantled your Nokia N95 8GB, wait for the next post to enhance your GPS reception.

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Courtesy NoeMan.

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