Thursday, May 21, 2009

Get rid of "No Satellite Found" once and for all !

And yet again the N95s GPS gave up on me. Damn it. But it did make me find this cool article, so i guess all's well. I should remind you that mods will nullify the Guarantee of your phone, ha, who cares?! This mod will effectively let you increase the rang of your GPS reciever even to the extend of making it usable with the slide closed. How it's done is explained below.

Note: For Dismantling instructions check the previous post.

I was slightly concerned when I first thought about it but as soon as I get the idea of taking something apart to see how it works or maybe doing some sort of mod, the item becomes like Pandora's Box. At best it's only a matter of days before I go ahead and do it, in this case, it took me about 4 minutes before I got the screwdrivers out

If you do take it apart, one tip I'd give is that make sure the PCB is aligned properly when you put it back together and you sufficiently tighten the top 2 silver screws. I didn't tighten them enough and the board moved slightly, which gave me terrible phone reception. Wiggled the board, tightened the screws and it was fine again.

I also soldered a 9 inch piece of copper wire to the main PCB (onto that gold isolated junction near the bottom left) and routed it around the case avoiding any metal bits. The GPS reception is definitely better, no noticeable effect on battery life, and the original case fits back on almost perfectly (the wire I used was a touch on the thick side.)

That's how I routed the wire around. No need to have the keypad on display anymore to get a good GPS signal either. The side that the copper wire runs up, there is a tiny tiny bulge in that side of the case. Not noticeable unless you know to look for it so a slightly thinner wire might be preferred.

Say bye to those annoying "No Satellite Found" !

Courtesy Akira181

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