Tuesday, May 19, 2009

n95 v31.0.017 - it's crap(pier) !

I've got to admit that I'm a sucker when it comes to firmware updates for my smartphones. I always hope to get them updates ASAP often even ending up changing my product code to get it earlier. And I ended up getting the crappy v31. Not only did the bloody update make me loose my cracked nGage gaming but it ended up getting immunity from HelloCarbide and friends. And then, just as i was getting over it comes up more bugs.. :
  • Time-Warp Problem
Switch off your phone before midnight and when you wake up the next day you've moved 2 whole days into the future ! Well not exactly, but the thing is the phone's date is wrong. For ex: 12.04.09 becomes 14.04.09 over the day.
  • The Pestering Wife Problem
Imagine you've got to wake up at 7AM on Sunday to go to your in-laws home, and you set-up an alarm on your phone; but then it's a Sunday ! So you deactivate the alarm. And then by Sunday evening if you re-activate the alarm to wake-up the next day it'll first go on to remind you that you had put an alarm for that morning and then it'll give you a ear-full of the alarm tone until you snooze or dip it in water.
  • Not an Audiophile
It doesn't do music playback during calls as seamlessly as it used to. In v31, if you play the music during a call when the ringtone (trin..trin) is heard then as soon as the recipient answers the call it'll pause itself and you have to play it again. Bad.

  • GPRS has it's own tone
Now whenever I use GPRS, there's a high frequency tone that comes up when the data transfer takes place. Don't know if it was there before, but it sure is irritating.

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