Thursday, May 21, 2009

Nokia brushed some aluminium for the 6600i

After unveiling 3 new cheap phones for emerging markets yesterday , Nokia today announced the Nokia 6600i, am thinking it's the successor to the 600 Slide. Styling is cool, it's got a 5MP cam with flash, and brushed metal design as well. I love those. Especially in silver.

It's got this neat hidden external display with the outer face equipped with touch technology, enabling you to simply tap it to bring the external screen to life or snooze alerts and silence or reject incoming calls.

Standard Nokia goodies include 3G, FM Radio ,Stereo Headset, 1 GB Memory Card - can be upped to 16GB.

The phone will be available in two colors, silver and black. But I'll go for silver since there's a brushed finish.

The 5 megapixel cams design seems to understate it's power. No wonder they've written it beside.

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