Saturday, May 30, 2009

Home plans and your symbian phone

When you look for the house of your dreams, it can be a very discouraging task. Building your own home could be the experience of a lifetime. To invest your life savings in it and every brick that is laid with cement and mortar, you might have the luck to see your dream home taking shape before your eyes. To make your home a pleasure to look and live, you need good house plans that considers not only the way your house looks, but also addresses the practical needs. You may need a balcony for drying clothes. Or you may have a space to park two wheels. The right plan will cover all special needs and help build the best home in your budget. And in today's techy world, carrying around all those blue prints can be a very..uhm.. out of style way to carry them. But with the popularity of the symbian smart phones that have made their way to everyones hearts and pockets, the problem of carrying around the blueprint has just vanished. For example you could use any of the various CAD viewer apps available to carry your blueprints in your pocket. With zooming, paning and all other features available things have just gotten a whole lot easier, smarter and stylish. Like when you use the n97 for instance =) Depending on your style you could order your engineer to build you luxury house plans or more cosy cottage house plans. Whatever you do, don't forget to invite me in !

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