Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Nokias advertising

Nokia's marketing/public realtions strategy, WOM world uses a whole blog-cum-site idea to improve marketing of their multimedia-phones and communication services by word of mouth, hence the name WOM. There's another marketing strategy that is kind of popular right now - using blog posts to review the products that the company has to sell. PayingPost for instance allows the company to advertise on blogs. You can add your blogs at the My Blogs page and then move on to take the opportunities. By using these techniques, Nokia could, for instance, cover up any mistakes or bad publicity that they might have got by using their network of bloggers to provide a postitive image to the company. Like in the Information Security crisis sceanrio for instance.

The good news is that PayingPost allows us bloggers to make some money out of blogging - turning blogging into something like a paid hobby. It's very nice isn't it ? But only so long as you stick to your topic and stop spamming or posting on totally unrelated topics. Doing any such thing could take you onto Google's penalty pages.

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