Tuesday, May 19, 2009

n97s touch experience is .. sad

One thing I noticed from the video is how bad the touch experience of the N97 is. You might have noticed how Julien had to repeatedly repeat his gestures at different points. What this does is that it reinforces what I'd said before, the weak processor is really starting to show in those transition effects. Know what, I've never seen a finished Nokia product that gives you a great experience - something that the iPhone is laden with. If you've used an iPhone, you'll notice how smooth everything is -the transition, response, everything. That is what gives good user experience. It's gotta be felt.

Of course Nokia could not afford to perfect every phone they release, unlike Apple which does 1 phone a year Nokia releases a load full of them. It's like the blogger who works on one quality post a week vs the guy who publishes post after post of news articles or picture posts hoping to hit on linkbait. But perfecting a flagship phone could not be that mundane a task can it ? We'll know what Nokia's upto when they finally do release it in June.

I still wouldn't mind getting the Nokia N97 though..

I heard that Nokia India is giving exclusive previews ‘before launch’ till the June 21st. So that means launch is after June 21st eh. Nokia ?

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