Saturday, July 21, 2007

Free mapping and navigation service,The amAze

And i must say that it has really amazed me. LocatioNet has really put all their expertise into this one with a very neat application here. And it seems that the company itself are veterans in the fiels with around 16 years of expertise in it. For instance it uses a technique similar to the A-GPS found in the new nokia firmware for speeding up calculations by sending data over to their servers for calculations. And it just gets better !! It even has voice-guided navigation if you’ve got yourself a bluetooth GPS ; or if you’ve got an N95 and a little bit of patience.Remeber that voice navigation in the Nokia Maps is a paid feature. All in all, the amAze is a really cool app that is definitely a must get for all you people out there.

amAze enables regular, Java-enabled mobile phone users to access with satellite images, clear maps, route-planning, weather forecasts and local search information from anywhere in the UK. An additional voice-guided navigation feature can be accessed using any external bluetooth GPS device or phones with a built-in GPS such as the n95. This is in comparison to the paid to use feature currently available for the N95 users.

amAze delivers the following easy to use features:

  • Easy to use visual and voice guidance to any destination
  • Ability to search any location by address
  • Highlight any required location on high quality map or Satellite imagery
  • Search and navigate to businesses listed in Yellow Pages directories
  • Calculate the fastest route between two locations
  • Save and manage personal favourites
  • View graphical weather forecasts displayed on maps

Get yourself a free copy of amAze at .

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