Saturday, July 21, 2007

sniff..sniff..he's gone :(

After a month of happy sliding and rocking music and heavy-duty camcordering, my n95 has been taken sick ! !! And the docs at the NSC have said that....he's no more!
But the good news is they are replacing the set, with a brand new one too. So, it's a happy ending guess. Oh, i just love happy endings.

I'm Listing the Complaints over here just in case u wanna refer it:
  1. The Ear-piece has a sudden burst of static in the middle of certain(lovely)calls(jealous?). AND it's very irritating!
  2. The slider now clucks like a hen when i open or close it.
  3. There is some play to the right side of the slider.
  4. 5MP camera makes a kind of scratching sound when i open the camera app.Think it's got something to do with the autofocus.
  5. There are scratches on the slope above the keypad. Not made by me but by the slider it-self.
  6. It makes you real angry at times when you think of the money you payed for it and think of it's present state.
That's all folks.For now.

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diLin said...

My happy nding has just turned sad :(
the nokia people are now saying that they won't be able to repair it!

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