Thursday, July 26, 2007

How's dis eh?

it looks kinda pregnant..mayb i shuld start a whodunnit thread somewhere...;)

Y'all hav been crying for a better battery for the n95 rite? well i've got one 4 ya!
Chek out dis Monster Battery from Yoobao(who dat??) packing in a whopping 1400Mah of power. This baby'l provide u with enough juice for making most of whatever u want ur n95 to do..and more.

As you can see from the picture the battery has been made specefically for the nokia N95, but i do have my doubts as to it's reliability because you never know if it has any power fluctuations cuz in case of any damage we have to take it to a NSC, and if they see ur phone they'l dump it like a shocked parent seeing their unmarried pregnant daughter! for sure !!

I think it's sumtin lik 2xBL-5F in size->40.00x46.38x10.20

Do tell me if you're planning to get it k?

This is my recommendation for the N95 problem, the Solar Charger from brando.

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