Sunday, July 8, 2007

GamE! (i luv dat word)

Step right uP! All the games you need, step right up gentlemen and ladies! Time to stop flaunting your super smart 3rd Edition phones and start downloading some awesome games. They have everything from our age old tetris to the latest and my personal favorite splinter cell: Double Agent. You should see the amount of detail that goes into these games. Can't wait no more?

Most Games are compatible with
N95, N82, N81, N96, N73, N78, N76, E50, E51, E60, E61, E61i, E62, E65, E70 and E90

Top Games:

SplinterCell Double Agent:
Be the master undercover agent in yet another of those famous games based on my fav author Tom Clancy's Novels. In this sequel of the hit game, the player has to go and work with the bad guys to undercover a secret plot. The plot is ...... , ......well u hav 2 play th game 2 find out ! :P

rince Of Persia- Two Thrones:

Continue the legacy of the prince of persia in yet another game that'l make you spell bound with the details, and the special moves. Lots of varying fight sequences,run along walls,kick up walls and lots of other great moves make this a great game with an excellent climax. I luv it .

Mafia Wars 3:
Being the adopted son of an oriental triad gand leader ain't no fun, but playing a game sure is. The plot deepens along with the game, as the tables get turned and you are plunged into the world of the triads whether u want it or not.

Brother in Arms 3D:

The game is great as u play the life of a soldier in a classic military game. Walk about with a choice of different weapons, or drive about in tanks, just make sure you finish your objectives. The graphics of this game are excellent when looked upon from a mobile phone' perspective. The only thing that it lagged is hat the screen doesn't fit in correcly on the N95 devices. But i finished it anyways ;)

Real FootBall 2006:

Havn't played this game yet, cuz i'm not intersted in sports games that much, but from what i've heard it's a really great game to play. Try it out anyways.. u'l probably love it.

TrueCrime-New York City:

Superb game going on the footsteps of the GTA games, you play a police officer who's going undercover to takeout the bad guys. Things get out of hand when the hero starts to enjoy being a gangster,but in the end...
ha..u won't get the climax from be buddy, start gaming nd find out for yourself!

Pirates Of the Carribean-Dead Man's Chest:

The game has a combination of 3rd person fighting and ship navigation, great game i must say. Giveit a go, because it certainly different from the other stories :)

Go Bananas!:

A cute little game for people tomonkey around on their mobiles when they feel like killing of some time.

EggStreme - Sizzler Supremacy:

Another game with a cute ittle name,but i havn't played it as yet. I would appreciate it if you could review the game for me and post it here. Thanks in advance! :)

African Rally Quad:

I liked this game really much,much more than the usual games of this genre. I'd got a demo version of this game for my 7610 nd had luved it then but only now did i come up to a full version.

Speed Addict Underground 2:

Ultimate game for racing freaks, this game has all that it takes to get ur adrenalin running, including the teasers(shown in pic ;) ).Vrom..Vrom..vroooooooooooM...

Block Breaker Deluxe:

HAven't played this one either guys, i'd like u to chek it out and tell me how u lik it. thnx..

Stones of Khufu:

An ancient style game of you know what.

Arcade Golf:

Golf is a real expensive game designed for only the rich people, but this arcade game here removes all such barriers and is suuitable for golfers out there ;) .

Global race:

A Very cool Game! Atleast trust ur eyes if u don't believe me.

And so u hav it folks, enuf games for y'all to keep you busy for a few weeks..atleast ...right? hope so! Wen u finish playing them tell me and i'l see if i can find any new ones.

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Jezus said...

Guyz....Galz....n Palz.....
This game calld Splinter cell[dble Agnt]....Rockks!!!!hav updated the firmware n the game has b'cum faster.....sooooooooo phuulleeezzzz ya game freaks...check it up.....Awzome ....don miss it ya....

dude wid an attitude said...

the firmware updates speed things as well as giv u new features too! chek our da Prince Of Persia 2thrones. It's good too

Jezus said...

Hey thanks I'll surely chk......
Can someone help me wid onething I wanna install ms office in ma cell is dat possible ...coz the Kinda office it has sucks cant even edit or create slide shows while travelling....I gotta some really serious business plz help!!!!

Dwaa said...

i think there's a office app in the applications column of this blog!

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