Sunday, July 29, 2007

Another Battery Solution,eco-friendly too..

You are on your way through the forest on a self-designed route using your n95 when you suddenly get lost. Immediately you pick up your N95 and the GPS locks in on you, and you continue on your way when to your horror the battery runs dry. That is when it hits you that you'd left it's music-player running in the background.

And that's when the Solar energy charger comes to the rescue! Using the built in lithium ion battery it stores power for your use, and you can connect your n95 to it when you need to draw juice for ur hungry lil' phone. Being extremely small and portable, this is exactly what every n95 user needs.
The solar kit also includes 4 adapters for all 4 major companies(nokia,SE,Samsung and motorola) as well as a AC wire and a car charger wire for added customisability.

I'm so happy that i dont need to buy that pregnant looking battery from
Yoobao! :)

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cool_boy612 said...

can u tell me where can i buy this charger plz do tell me At

DiLin Anand said...

You buy the charger from Brando at It's at the bottom of the page..

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