Sunday, July 22, 2007

Vaja Leather Casing !

Pamper your N95 with the new leather cases going to be announced by vaja. Known as the Ivolution Holster these cases are way cool and are practically the next best thing to naked ;)
They are sure to give you some serious bragging rights(as if havin a n95 wasn't enuf :D).

Chek 'em out guys and you'l know why i'm so happy, i always likes my phones to be as close to the real thing as possible and not like people in jackets looking like eskimos with all that thick covering. If you don't get what i mean scroll down a bit more and you'l see what i mean.Or you could go here.Check out the post, especially the pic that is shown there - it looks like a burger with the n95 as the fillet!

Well, fear no more with these chic casings from VaJa. They've just saved the day, and my N95!

Now updated with the latest review for this particular Vaja case here.

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