Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Nokia 3120 Classic

Nokia 3120 classicNokia 3120 classicNokia 3120 classicNokia 3120 classic
GSM Arena says:
Even if every little Nokia wants to be an N95 when it grows up, most of them end up a decent looking gadget with a neat little perk here and there to top the good old calling and texting. Nokia 3120 classic is just another one of them mixed by the time-tested recipe - do the bare minimum but do it right. Now, the notion of bare necessities in mobile phones is stretching as we speak, so no wonder yet another 3G-enabled junior gets thrown in the midrange skirmish.
Main Disadvantages:
  • A very Slow camera and an unimpressive image quality = bad camera.
  • Weak backlight = bad display.
  •  Uncomfortable battery cover latch and a Memory card slot under the battery cover makes for difficult memory swaps.
Read More about the Nokia 3120 Classic from GSM Arena.

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