Thursday, December 24, 2009

Nokia N95-1: Change Log for v35 firmware

Nokia's flagship for the year 2007, the Nokia N95-1, had just got a surprise firmware update from v30.0.018 to v35.0.015 a couple of days ago. Some changes that I've noticed:

  • Camera start up time is a lot faster now. It just took 1 sec for the app to start up and a quarter of a second for the sensor to stabilize.
  • Pictures in dim light have definitely improved a lot. Couldn't be sure of those in normal conditions though I suspect there is some improvement.
  • Photo processing time is also a lot quicker.
  • There's now 92MB of free memory after the re-flashing. The firmware size has definitely increased.
  • The music player loads up a split second quicker than with the v30.
  • Not sure if hacks for this version has been released yet.
  • NGage is still present even with the planned removal of the service.

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