Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Nokia N900 bugs: USB connector falls off

Over at TabulaCrypticum, comes the sad news about the build quality of the N900.
It seems following a short fall, the female USB connector inside the
n900 came off. The problem, a surface mount connector. 

The CrypticumKeeper says that the nokia n900 has a surface mount connector of the
kind that cam be brought cheaply from DIY shops. Moreover he claims
that the connector has been installed with no real security to prevent
it from dislodging and falling off - as we've seen here.

Could this be a chronic problem on the n900s that have bee released
into the market? Would it be similar to the slider problem that the
users of the Nokia N95 faced when they bought the initial set of
phones. Let's hope not.
Read more here.

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