Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Nokia E72: Accessories

The BH-804 Bluetooth Headset

Sleek looks, aluminium body and minimalistic styling make this headset  a definite eye catcher.
  • Enhanced audio quality with DSP
  • Tricolour LED for status indication
  • Fast charging with microUSB
  • Desk top charger and neck strap included in sales package
The BH-604 is by far the best BT headset that I've managed to lay my hands on. Not only is it elegant, it has got the best ergonomics of any product. No creaks, no cheap finishes, and absolutely no problems in fit. The earbuds available in different sizes will see that it's a snug fit.

Special Chargers:


Type dt-26 is an elegant charger for the
bluetooth headset. It's got smooth rounded corners and beautiful feel. Perfect to place on your desktop. The charging cable is a micro-usb adapter as you can see in the pic here.

The dc-11 is a device that provides extra power while you're on the move. It provides upto "one charge" which means it might have anywhere between 1000-1200mAH of charge storage. Moreover it also allows you to charge 2 devices simultaneously - one micro-usb and one 2mm connector. It sports a very clean design and is pretty easy to use.

The DC-11 also seems to have run into problems with the n900.  Hmm..

 The type wh-601 is a cheap piece of headset. There is 0 bass, the buttons are tacky, and the speaker holes look like the drains of my granny's kitchen sink. Enough said. I threw it back into the green box.

  • The pouch that came with the phone really got on my nerves. It's so tight that it's impossible to pull out the phone. It might get loose with use, but i didn't like the looks of it either.

  • Keeping the phone face up is a bad idea. The placement of the speaker at the back causes the sound to become muted when you place it face up. Accelerometer functions such as turning the phone face down to silence calls or to snooze alarms are built in into the device. 
All in all, The e72 is one excellent piece of engineering. A friend of my dads was so awed when he used the device that he immeaditly decided that he wanted one. Nokia, i think you ought to step up the trialling drive of these devices at Nokia stores in major cities. Folks out there, you
gotta use this phone to feel the difference

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