Sunday, December 6, 2009

Nokia N900: "in it's very, VERY early stages of development"

As posted at HowardForums by Nokiapwnsse:
You know, when i was in the NYC Nokia store on wednesday, they were out of stock of N900's and I was walking through the store looking for a display one. I couldn't find one so I started walking back toward the entrance and i realized a Sales rep, maybe he was even the manager, he was a mid-eastern looking guy possibly Indian, in his 40+, talking to a customer - the customer was a tall white man in his 50's or 60's that probably lived around the corner(means very wealthy looking). 
 And as me and another guy were waiting next to the sales rep and the customer since they were standing in front of the N900 I was listening how the sales rep was trying to convince the customer to NOT get the N900. He of course asked him a couple questions first, but the customer was the type of person that wants to pick up a phone and have it work and do everything from start on. 

If the sales rep wanted to sell the N900 to that customer he would've taken less than a minute of convincing and the guy would have definitely bought it asap. But the sales rep took about 5 minutes explaining to the guy that this device is still "in it's very, VERY early stages of development" (notice quote) as he said and he added that the N900 is best for people who want a phone to "play with Maemo from the beginning until further updates come". 

Maybe some people on here should have talked to a sales rep (as little as they know compared to some of us on here about Nokia phones) before you picked up your N900, because the fact that it's a "beta" phone is exactly what they tell their customers and they'll convince you not to get it if you expect a error-free and feature packed device.

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