Tuesday, December 22, 2009

NokiaN900: 9 things you should know

Image from Tehkseven

With all the hype that the Nokian900 has been getting you might be pretty compelled to have a taste of Maemo. But there are certain things that haven't been that widely publicized about this smartphone. And the first one is that it ain't a smartphone. Period.

  • The N900 does not have the most feature complete phone experience in the world. 
  • The N900 is not the best music player in the world.
  • The N900 is not the best GPS device in the world.
  • The N900’s email functionality is not the best in the world.
  • The N900’s OS, Maemo 5, is not the most mature and bug free OS in the world.
  • The N900 does not currently have a huge number of applications.
  • The N900 is the most compact and coolest POSIX-compliant computer in the market.
  • The N900 leverages Linux desktop application development platforms. 

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