Saturday, December 19, 2009

Nokia e72: A chota Review

  I'd got the Nokia e72 a couple of weeks back but i haven't been able to really post about it due to my exams. And now that they are over, here's a chota review of this Eseries handset.

Most of the stuff that came in the box were power devices. Coupled with the device is a USB charger, a usual Nokia charger, a bluetooth headset charger and a Nokia extra power DC-11. The accessories include a bluetooth headset, a normal headset, a ugly plasticky pouch, cleaning cloth, a wrist band and the battery.

Nokia  => Nokia
One thing I've realized is that Nokia is real serious about their commitment to go green - and this can be seen on the e72. Just like in laptops, the Nokia e72 has a power saving mode built into it's OS. You can choose to activate it by pressing the power button and selecting it from the selection menu. The only visible difference seen from activating Power Saving mode is that the intensity of the backlight gets reduced. I'm not sure if the processor gets underclocked as well as seen on those AMD CPUs with Cool'n'Quiet technology. Another green thing which we've seen before is that it also reminds you to remove the plug from the outlet to avoid wasting power. Nice to see that Nokia is really concerned about our environment.

The Thumbpad
Text input on this phone is a amazing esperience. Yea, the only problem is missing your aim occasionally - hence the 'esperience'. But i think it'll take care of itself with a little practice.

The input-ware of the phone really deserves mention. The thumbpad is an excellent piece of hardware. It's tactile feel is excellent and I find myself thumbing along occasionally just for the feel.

Highlighting and Cut/Copy/Paste
Copying whole paragraphs of text is easily done on the e72 by using the Shift (you use this to select upper-case) key in conjunction with the 5-way key. I was searching for this function when My Nokia sent me a feature to "Save Time Now!". Nice timing guys!

Text Prediction
I still haven't understood the thinking behind putting in text prediction for a qwerty keyboard phone. In the n97 it might have been due to the virtual numpad, but on an e72??

The other stuff like the bluetooth headset & the ExtraPower charger, I'll be posting about them soon so make sure you keep a watch here.

Optical Sensor
The optical sensor gives a good experience while browsing through opera mini and the gmail app. Under all other situations the old jog dial design seen on the n96 would've been better. Thing is the optical sensor moves forward by just a single step. The jog dial allows you to sprint through selections. I wonder why the design team ditched them jog dials.

Call Quality
The call reception on this phone is crystal clear for both sides of the call. Not only is the voice smooth and full but there is little to no ambient noise involved. Amazing!

For Music
The head-phone output for the phone is through a 3.5mm jack found on the top left of the phone. The slot is slightly angled to the left as shown in the picture.
About the sound output, well i never expected the e72 to perform like this. I tested a couple of tracks using my SHP-8500 headphones, and the experience was beautiful ! Compared to my n95-1 running the latest firmware the e72 is eons ahead in this section. Definitely better than even the original n97. I luv it.

Compared with the n97, the e72 has something about it that makes it lovable. It might not be a tech flagship but it definitely has character.

P.S: If you're passionate about music, please don't use the crappy earpieces that come with the phone. Buy yourself something nice to pamper your ears. I would vouch for Philips or Seinheisser.

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