Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Symbian-Guru Call Guard app

SymbianGuru has announced a new application designed to reduce the number of unwanted calls that we get. CallGuard application allows complete management and control of your incoming calls. The application has both black list functionality for rejecting calls, as well as whitelist functionality to accept-only list of numbers. 

Nseries users must be familiar with the "reject call with sms" function. CallGuard developes on that. It mutes, rejects your incoming calls and sends the SMS message to the number from which you received the call. Now there is no need to mute the phone, if you have a meeting and are waiting for the important call. You need to create the white list and all the calls except the listed one will be muted or rejected according to your settings. This is one effective way to suppress interruptions.

Key features:

  • - The two types of lists can be created: Blacklists and Whitelists;

  • - The number of lists is unlimited;

  • - There are a few types of the rejected actions;

  • - Action ‘Busy’ can be defined when one of the numbers from list is calling

  • - Mute ringing is available;

  • - The software can reject the incoming calls and send the SMS message to the contact number.

  • - The Lists are activated according to your Schedule.

  • - The software is fully compatible with Series 60.3/60.5.  

Download Call Guard here!

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